Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourism

The sun and beach packages lose strength. . Increased travel that mix work and leisure

Two out of three elongate business to enjoy the destination

MADRID 12-11-2015

Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourismTwo out of three people performing work trips they organize so that they can make some tourism destinationAdding at least one day of leisure stay. In this growing trend he has begun calling Lead sure, A term that comes from the contraction of business Yleisure (Business and leisure in English). Likewise, urban tourism has grown 60% worldwide in the last five years, well above breaks in search of sun and sand.

This is one of the conclusions of a report by the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige products, IE Business School, in collaboration with MasterCard. The study, which was presented yesterday, is based on 1,500 interviews conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Latin America and Spain. There is extensive research that has received the opinions of a panel of experts from the hotel, gastronomic, cultural industry, high-end products and media in the travel industry, among others.

The document also stresses that, due to time constraints and motivations to visit the city, such as guided tours, time preferences tourism They vary. For instance,shopping is very popular among tourists Lead sureBeing those made popular in the city that taking place at the airport or in stores duty-free.

Barcelona and Madrid

He urban tourism High range is a great opportunity for the two main cities of Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. "The report High-Value City Tourism reveals the changes that are occurring in urban high-end tourists, their preferences and how to Spain, growth of urban tourism represents a great opportunity, "said Maria Eugenia Giron says, director of the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige Products IE during the presentation of the study.

Shopping, sports, culture and entertainment are key for visitors to the city of Madrid. In the case of Barcelona emphasizes its natural setting and appeal of its various tourist spots and nightlife and excursions, as the report said. Both cities have a good image and what is called wow-factor (Attributes and qualities that lead the visitor pleasantly surprised). Although in this sense Barcelona wins clearly: it is the fourth most attractive city in Europe, behind Rome, Paris and London.

Jewels are no longer for special moments

We have gone from 10% display product showing 70% "


Jewels are no longer for special momentsA Spanish fine jewelry he has had no other to reinvent itself. Many changes in the wake of the economic crisis, but also social, are those who have been jewelers have to modify its strategic plan, besides the approach of its stores. "Fewer and fewer are buying jewelry for gifts and more, especially women, to oneself," explains Carlos Delso, CEO Suarez, Family jewelry founded in 1943. This is one of the reasons that more and more women consumers of jewelry for the pleasure of wearing a valuable accessory. "We had to change before in stores not you saw exposed the product, it was something that made sense because it gave or was an investment, and buying the made mostly men, but women have lost their fear to buy luxury" adds the executive.

They need to see what they buy, and more if they are jewels, "like that the product will be on view when in a jewelry store, and not accustomed to sit, so we had to change the windows," adds Delso, which yesterday participated in a breakfast briefing on the expertise of the Spanish jewelers, organized in Hotel Ritz Madrid by Circulo Fortuny, The winemaker association president Carlos Falco, and born in 2011, in order to provide a forum for the artisans of Spanish brands and luxury.

Also in All, la firma española que ha democratizado el acceso a las joyas, debido a una política de precios más comedidos y que cuenta con 500 tiendas en 50 países de los cinco continentes, han tenido que modificar el planteamiento de sus locales, con el fin de atender al nuevo perfil de cliente. “Hemos sido la opción más fácil para los hombres, pero desde 2011 estamos viendo un cambio en la manera de comportarse del consumidor”, explica Rosa Tous, vicepresidenta corporativa de Rosa Oriol Atelier Tous, un nuevo concepto de piezas más de lujo. “Hemos pasado de exponer un 10%del producto a mostrar un 70%, ya que el cliente quiere probar, ver, tocar”.

Internationalization is one of the great changes that are jewelers. One of the pioneers was to go outside Carrera y Carrera which it was launched to sell off Spain in the seventies, and now has 500 outlets in four continents and will end the year with 12 boutiques. "40% of sales is due to exports, and 25% of sales in Spain we do we do to foreign customers," said Javier Gala, vice president and CFO.

Among many other points.

Designer Exchange, dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of luxury goods.

Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton are revalued at second hand

The most traded market bags

  • The model Birkin, Hermes, is the most quoted. In Madrid sold 15,000 euros
  • In the first store in Spain there are over 400 pieces including handbags, wallets and belts
  • MADRID 20-11-2015 07:45

  • Hermes Y Louis Vuitton are the three bags firms trading higher. They are the most are revalued at the flea market. It is the latest trend coming to Spain from the hand of the British company Designer Exchange, Dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of luxury goods. "In Spain, another brand is valuable LoeweAs it is in England MulberryAlthough each market has its reference signatures, "he explains Dominic Durante, Founder of the company, who says that regardless of local preferences unbeatable three brands in the luxury sector, such as "Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes, which are the most desirable."

    For the purpose of Designer Exchange is to satisfy the needs in the luxury sector, as is the output of object-renowned firms, either through sale or exchange. For this purpose were installed in the Salamanca district of Madrid, after testing the business model in London, Birmingham and Manchester, with billing 2.8 million euros"To buy, sell and exchange premium items with full warranty," he says During.

    In the stock of the first store in Spain there more than 400 pieces between bags, wallets and belts of over 30 brands with prices ranging between 25 and the 15.000 eurosAs may be the case of a Hermes Birkin bag last year (unused), including, in addition to the above, are Prada, Celine, Christian Dior, Armani ...

    The business model is simple, says Dominic Durante, one of the founders, along with his partner Angela Seebue: the customer carry bag, belt or purse you want to sell to the store for the professions Designer exchance authenticate the product. During 48 hours retain the piece for analysis.

    Original sales price in store, make, model, age and condition, among others: After verifying your signature, based on factors fixed price. "What we want is that the prices are as competitive as possible, we also pay cash, unlike what other stores in the secondary market, offering the seller a deposit as a signal until the item is sold," adds the founder.

    Once this assessment, the customer receives a percentage of the appraisal, which is usually 50%, in cashAlthough brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes, is offering 20% ​​more than the value set by if they want to exchange it for another item of the set in the store.

    Designer Exchange stems from the company CEX (Computer Exchange), A multinational with over 20 years of experience in buying and selling electronic items.

The luxury sector is going to Hong Kong

ISMAEL Spider - Hong Kong

Until a few months ago, the novice visitor who walked the most commercial streets of Hong Kong were surprised to meet Chinese tour groups doing tail gates as exclusive stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Rolex, A local who was not uncommon to see out a fully loaded with bags of different brands of luxury buyer.

Now, far appear to have been those buoyant golden days for the high-end sector of the city, and changing trends of buyers from mainland China is causing the adjustment of a market that seeks to adapt to the new situation.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese are one of the mainstays of the sector. According to a Bain & Co, will involve acquisitions this year more than 30% of total sales of luxury goods worldwideAnd it is estimated that 80% of them are purchases made abroad.

"Their consumption patterns are changing," he said co-author Federica estudo Levato. "We now spend little on traditional destinations such as Hong Kong and Macao, and are gravitating to new places such as Europe, South Korea and Japan to benefit from currency fluctuations." Like a "bluff quenched" (as described by the report) is involved, the attractive former former colonies in southern China could reach record a falling to 25% in sales of luxury goods this yearAll a blow to the sector.

business in Hong Kong is not as promising as before " business in Hong Kong is not as promising as before " he said.

This change in the trend was one of the capitals of world luxury is mutating commercial geography of the city. Before, Russell Street the exclusive district of Causeway Bay boasted the most expensive commercial rents in the world. However, a year ago he was ousted from his privileged first place on Fifth Avenue in New York, and daily suffering a major transformation.

The premises occupied recently by top brands like Coach, Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre have been replaced by more popular as Adidas or Bonjour cosmetics shop, and every day more jewelry or clothing stores to high-end They leave a gap for mid-level retailers. This does not mean that luxury brands leave the city, but many are being installed in shopping centers where rents are lower and easier to pay.

Experts predict a substantial change in the city. As he predicted to Bloomberg Helen Mak, senior director of Colliers, the high level of services in Hong Kong continue to attract tourists in the future, but these will dolooking for a different shopping experience. "In the past, four out of five stores in Hong Kong selling Rolex. In the future, tourists will expect to see a greater variety of shops in the city. "

With Signature. Evian.

By Alvaro Martinez Mira-Marcelí.

The French Evian launches its new limited edition, this time the collaboration of the New York designer Alexander Wang.

Today even bottles dress up. In collaboration with Alexander Wang, Evian launches new limited edition. The New Yorker has developed a simple design for the container, which looks a barcode (either black or white) image logo Wang. The product will be available in two formats, one glass (33cl and 75 cl) and other plastic (33cl and 50cl). On sale from November. Price: c.p.v.

More information.


Today I bring a little deco inspiration to make more bearable on Thursday and continue to dream the EuroMillions XD we touch, from the hand of these wonderful houses Hamptons and their inner dream.

Many know that this coastal area of ​​the United States, specifically east of New York, surrounded by unspoilt beaches, is the holiday destination of many celebrities and great American fortunes, but in recent years it has also become a sophisticated lifestyle, fashion and decoration.

They are luxury buildings, but nothing evoke opulence or ostentation, as they actually are garden and beach traditional, with fine materials, with predominance of the wood, large windows, spacious and bright rooms and classic decor with some rustic or country point on details and finishes.

How to translate this style to the decor of our home? The ideal is to opt for a construction of Canadian style to serve as impeccable structure (roofs white wood, spacious classic white windows barrotillos, stairs with railing combining wood and white, white baseboards, white classic doors, wood floors) to start to set up the decor in this style, but if we have this opportunity, we can give aire Hamptons our space with a few simple Keys:

He White It is the predominant color in furniture and textiles, but shares the spotlight with the blue, Green, land or beiges the small details and pieces, natural flowers, cushions, curtains and classic prints like floral, pictures or stripes.

Bastan 21 days to become addicted to the gym


Who does not know a gym addict? Seguramente hay tantos como personas que se proponen salir a correr, patinar o hacer fitness y lo dejan una y otra vez. Es importante elegir el physical exercise con el que sentirse mejor y, sobre todo, no rendirse. Darle una oportunidad. Pero, ¿durante cuánto tiempo? Los expertos aseguran que al menos hay que dedicarle 21 días para que la actividad se convierta en routine y forme parte de tu vida para siempre….

Do gymnastics de forma habitual (en un centro o without leaving home) sin abandonar la actividad a lo largo del tiempo no es fácil, requiere de constancia, motivación, disciplina… y, overcome shoelacesAt least three weeks of routine. One of the fathers of modern psychology was the first to speak of habits in 1890. William James wrote "Habit," an essay in which he claimed that the brain is a moldable body and each new skill learned, studied language or lived experience, reshapes our brain map.

In 2009, Phillippa Lally, a researcher in health psychology from the Univesity College London, published a study analyzing the process of forming ahabit en la vida diaria. Para ello recurrió a 96 universitarios que se ofrecieron voluntariamente a su experimento. Les pidió que eligieran un comportamiento que estimaran saludable y les indicó que lo repitieran cada día para convertirlo enhabit. Unos eligieron comer una pieza de fruta y otros correr 15 minutos después de cenar. De 18 a 254 días fue el variado resultado obtenido, con una media de 66 días, para que los participantes automatizaran esta nueva actividad en sus vidas. Por supuesto, también influyó el tipo de activity seleccionada, ya que no requiere el mismo esfuerzo tomarse un vaso de agua cada día, que correr 20 minutos, así como también influye y mucho la motivación.

Y ésta es la clave: Para convertir an activity habit, It should motivate you, have a clear objective. Everyone is different, and therefore the theory of the 21 days is only an approximation, an estimate of adapting to change, but not always achieved at this time.

But what it takes to acquire a habit?

  1. Determination. For a change, a new routine, you have to throw with strong and determined attitude. Probably on the way there are difficulties and thoughts of abandonment, which will be surmountable if the attitude is stronger.
  2. Discipline. Continuity of training is the key that causes the nervous system to function infallibly.
  3. Motivation. Cada vez que flaqueen las fuerzas piensa en cómo sentaría si abandonar la actividad, y también cómo si se logra. Hay que motivarse cada día.

¿Por qué hay tan pocas mujeres en puestos de mando?

John Lazarus

The first government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero approved la primera Ley de Igualdad que se hacía en España en 2007. Entre otras cuestiones, el texto recogía la recomendación de que las grandes empresas tuvieran en 2015 un 40% de mujeres en sus consejos de administración. Ocho años después –y una vez vencido el plazo aconsejado– los datos evidencian que esta recomendación ha quedado en papel mojado.

En la actualidad, en las grandes empresas cotizadas del IBEX 35, la presencia de mujeres en los consejos de administración es de aproximadamente el 17,3%, según el último estudio de Atrevia y la escuela de negocios IESE. Mientras que en el resto de empresas de fuera del IBEX que también están sujetas a esta recomendación legal, el peso de las consejeras es aún menor, del 12,09%, asegura un estudio de la empresa Informa.

¿Cuáles son las causas por las que, ocho años después de esta recomendación legal, sigue sin haber paridad en los órganos directivos?

“Cuando proponemos a una mujer que forme parte de un consejo de administración, su primera reacción es casi siempre preguntarse, ¿valgo para eso? ¿estoy preparada? Y those preguntas nunca se las hace un hombre que recibe la misma propuesta”, asegura Elena Terol, Directora de ExcellentSearch consultora especializada en la búsqueda de personal directivo.

Desde esta empresa de selección apuntan a otra causa de esta baja implantación femenina:“las mujeres son muy buenas comunicando pero luego, paradójicamente, no dialogan con la dirección. Simplemente, hacen bien las cosas y piensan que ya se darán cuenta los responsables. Eso es un grave error”, asegura, Eva Levy, directora de la división de mujeres en consejo de administración y alta dirección de esta consultora. A esto añade que las empleadas tampoco suelen mostrar su interés por ascender. “Cuando se enteran de que algún compañero ha sido promocionado para un puesto que ellas querían les preguntamos ¿habías dicho que lo querías? ¿te habías mostrado interesada? Y la respuesta suele ser, no. Ahí está otro fallo”, asegura Levy.

A third mistake women in senior management levels compared to men is do little networking, indican estas expertas. “Eso hace que la información que fluye en la compañía o en el sector no sea captada por ellas y pierden muchas oportunidades”, indica Terol.

Promoting networking entre mujeres directivas es precisamente uno de los principales beneficios que están detectando desde la organización del programa Promociona de CEOE, impulsado por la secretaria general de la patronal, Ana Plaza. Se trata de un proyecto para fomentar el ascenso de las mujeres a puestos directivos. De momento, se ha promocionado al 20% de las cerca de 200 mujeres que han participado.

Aunque, dicho todo esto, las Headhunters consulted insist that what is most worrying is that no more women on boards, but their absence at the previous level in steering committees. "Before arriving at the governing bodies many women throw in the towel," Levy explains.

And in the case of women who do reach these steering committees, complain that "wage differences are even greater than at lower levels, as directives charge up to 30% less"Say these experts. In these positions it is easier to mask this gap with bonuses or supplements required.

With this horizon, the consultants point out that, in addition to correcting the errors mentioned, the main solution to make more directives is "the CEO will not believe it, think about diversity in general, as an asset of competitiveness of the company ".

The CEOE own just adopted a report on equality in this regard, which advises its member companies incorporate equal to its competitiveness strategy. While employers insist that this is done "with the conviction and voluntarism".

Voluntariness is now prevailing, beyond the obligation to make an equality plan in the largest ones has led to the current situation, in which only one in three companies applied gender policies, según el último estudio sobre El avance de la mujer en el mercado laboral de la multinacional británica de selección Hays.

European and Spanish Panorama

El peso de las mujeres en los consejos de administración de las compañías en Europa alcanza el 20,2%, según los últimos datos de la Comisión. Este porcentaje está aún lejos del 40% recomendado también por Bruselas para 2020.

Precisamente la pasada semana el Reino Unido presentó la nueva edición de su Informe Davies, que aconseja llegar al 33% de mujeres en 2020. En la actualidad ya han cumplido su propia recomendación anterior de llegar al 25% en 2015. Francia es la que tiene un porcentaje mayor, al superar el 32%; un volumen similar al de los países nórdicos (Noruega y Suecia).

En España ya hay empresas que sí cumplen con esta recomendación. Se trata de Red Eléctrica, Jazztel y FCC, que cuentan al menos con el 40% de presencia femenina en los consejos. Mientras que actualmene, solo una empresa del IBEX35, Técnicas Reunidas no tiene ninguna mujer en su consejo de administración.

The luxury sector saves the crisis in Spain

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The luxury sector saves the crisis in Spain

Ni siquiera la crisis ha podido con la buena salud del sector del lujo en España. En 2015, esta actividad prevé aumentar su facturación hasta alcanzar los 5.700 millones de euros, lo que significaría un crecimiento del 4,8 % respecto a 2014. Las exportaciones (que sirvieron como ‘salvavidas’ durante la recesión para muchas empresas) unidas a una recuperación del mercado nacional hacen que este negocio siga arrojando cifras envidiables. Estas son las claves que explican el crecimiento de este sector en España, según el ‘ Resumen ejecutivo del sector del lujo en España 2015’ que publica Luxury Spain (Asociación de Lujo en España):
Spain is a European reference level in this market, being the fifth country in the European Union to lead sales behind France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. "Increasingly, the Spanish firms abroad are valued for their quality, innovation and tradition," said the executive report.
The foreign market is still decisive. Although the data indicate a recovery of the Spanish market, 51.5 percent of the business of Spanish companies still in sales abroad, also will rise again 4 percent.
The threat of a crisis in China and the depreciation of the Russian ruble will make purchases of tourists in our country fall to 5 percent, but still a good 'share of the cake' accumulated 23.5 percent of all billing sector. However, Spain continues to attract new customers in traditional and more stable markets like the United States, Mexico, Italy, Germany and Colombia, while exploring other as India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.
This consumer profile is that of a person between 35 and 54 years (56 percent of cases). 39 percent of them earn between 100,000 and 300,000 euros per year, while 35 percent have an income of between 60,000 and 100.00 euros. Luxury knows no gender. Its clients 52.6 percent are men and 47.4 percent are women
There is a recovery of the Spanish domestic market. If the barometer developed by Vente-privee already pointed to a state of optimism among entrepreneurs Spanish fashion, the luxury sector follows the same path as Luxury Spain. Nationally and expectations of a sluggish economic recovery, sales in the Spanish market will increase by 1 percent, accounting for 25 percent of the business.
Barcelona remains the 'favorite' city of wealthier consumers, accounting for 32 percent of sales. Marbella (another luxury capitals) accounts for 27.5 percent of the business. Madrid (16%), Ibiza (8.5%) and Mallorca (6%) are the areas siguentes preferidad to buy. .
The fashion and accessories continue to lead in this sector, among them jewelry and leather goods.