I was born in Barcelona. After fifteen years working in a Strategic Design Company, both in Barcelona and in Paris, as well background in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, I realized I could not go on living without fixing my interest in “PEOPLE”. I love the way they feel, their needs, their experiences…and I love my inspiring city, Barcelona, a traveling place to discover other cultures and learning different ways of living…

I love Barcelonian lifestyle and our history, culture and art so much, that I left the company to live the wonderful adventure of being host of travelers in Barcelona…

I relate to the client and look for “my city” seduction, moods and atmospheres, to move the feelings and emotions of my clients on inspiring routes that reflect Barcelona’s life-style which are experiences in themselves.

Devotion to customer service, attention to detail with discretion and intimacy, Business and personal pleasure travelers, have an experience at once…

Memorable, affordable, gracious and gratifying… and above all, richly authentic to your chosen destination.


Let us take you to where Barcelonians go!

Where timeless Classics meet the Modern

Discover the secret addresses of the trendiest Catalan boutiques...creative spaces for fashion, fur, furniture, decoration, objects of art & antiques...wine tastings & epicurial delights.

An experience, which enables you to enjoy the city´s most inspiring spaces. Essences, candles, porcelain, glass, crafts, museums, interior design, small outlets...enjoy our pastries, markets, bookshops, art galleries…. from the narrow streets of Medieval Barcelona to our urban tree-lined avenues of the Eixample.

A professional and exclusive English, Spanish and Catalan speaking shopping companion, who will lead you to the boutiques corresponding to your style & budget.

Whether our clients buy or not, our objective is to provide a unique live-it experience...felt as well as remembered.