Barcelona, ​​shopping with the senses

On 17 November 2017

Shopping in Barcelona, ​​a journey for the senses

The concept stores sell experiences of many countries

Barcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATEBarcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATE

One city, many countries. Beyond buying ephemera, expiration date, Barcelona offers the possibility of moving to other continents, invites a great delicacy and natural gems about exotic enclaves to the Gòtic neighborhood. Succeed the concept stores, shops selling experiences, everlasting memories and personality.

There is a place in Barcelona for every occasion. If a wedding is expected to take what better companion to un hat with name, Obach. Si hace frío, una bufanda de lana natural y sostenible está en venta entre piñas en una estantería de madera restaurada de la calle Banys Vells y si se despierta el apetito, Luis, propietario de la churrería de al lado, tiene chocolate y churros elaborados siguiendo la receta tradicional de sus padres. El año que viene, el negocio celebra su 50º aniversario y apenas ha cambiado. “Estamos en el centro, que es donde hay que estar”, cuenta Gloria Hidalgo, quien conduce el timón de un paseo más que sugerente en la ciudad condal. “La palabra souvenir se ha quedado infravalorada” y muchas tiendas de museos y del centro ofrecen objetos únicos para regalar. Una cantidad de items, textiles and so unique that are only in Barcelona. The shops in the Gòtic, Ribera and Sant Pere are a local discovery that goes unnoticed for citizens, but nevertheless, have characteristics that are not elsewhere.

IMG 4891 2
Atelier Habit / AROA ORTEGA

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand and have been installed in old premises that have reopened the shutters in the s. XXI with an updated twist. Local retaining some old windows but exposing young jewelry designers. A huge under an old floor, now a center housewares inspired by traditional but made with new techniques. The common thread is the Catalan local handicrafts. Castellers glass beads gaudinianos, moneyboxes back skin that simulate classical pig, puppets Sant Jordi pasteboard and multipurpose ceramics. entrenched elements Catalunya and Barcelona, ​​ideal to leave a mark on foreign friends. Objects that tell much more than a simple souvenir why They have a cultural significance draft with the personal stamp of each artisan.

A few meters away, at the foot smell it comes forward and claims the eyes to look at protagonist recognizable off a sweet smell. Yes, the wayfarer reaches a discreet chocolatier serving chocolates from the Belgian Congo with all kinds of ingredients from Asia, such as tea or saffron or Mexico, as the chili.Chocolates with fillings salt or liquor. Mini sculptures next fun lollipops more willing to get tattooed with chocolate love message about love or simply as a welcome gift guests. This chocolatier is a previous stop at Caelum, the sky overflowing meringue pies, Cakes tatín whose blocks so bright as mirrors vintage they look inside the premises. A corner where you can find typical sweets all year round monastery keeping a small room in the basement.

be chocolat barcelona 58 place full
Lollipops de chocolate / BE CHOCOLATE

Monastic sweets to an ancient reliquary that still works since 1919: the Estampería of saints and store retablos, religious medals and all kinds of figures and sacred art. A nearly century-old shop that shares the street with big brands s.XXI which has been joined by another former delicacy of renewed trade. A subsidiary that has managed to welcome guests in a room highborn ladies and no less interesting is the soap shop. Specializing in the care of the body and home. A collection of fragrances that transform every moment. The store offers the opportunity to celebrate the joys with a mixture of orange flower, amber, red berries and almonds resting in glass bottles glamourous. arrived Dead Sea products and algae repulpitan skin. Everything can be pre-tested on a stone fountain that stands in the middle of elegant and full of aromas lounge. For days stress, a bubble bath patchouli, lavender and vanilla, eyes closed and let go but the most evocative place option is the trip to Egypt of the pharaohs. Exists Cleopatra treatment, designed according to the rituals of the Egyptian queen most famous of all time. In this store, highlight details like soap chips packaged in envelopes natural fabric to acclimate the secret corners of the home. Versionada reminiscent of the past.

IMG 1427
Jasmine soap chips / AROA ORTEGA

After this bubble body and olfactory experiences, historical house Vicens is already distributed throughout the city because their nougat live all year. Classic and new trends created by one of the masters confectioners today, Albert Adrià. The genius that adds ralso & roll the nougat with honey, lemon, pumpkin seeds and cheese. If they are delicatessens available all year in the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona.

Sweet to another habitat. It is called HABIT and is a mansion s. XIII transformed into a mystical world that revolves around minerals. The gemologist, Miguel Barbera reveals the beauty of minerals to the level of gemstones. All are unique pieces, except for a small collection that is updated. A palace, gallery and workshop has been born cinematic gems. Barberà is the artist of all jewelry in the film 'Shooting star', Which he recounts one of the most turbulent episodes in the history of Spain with Amadeo of Savoy in front of the crown. The artist's work connects with many archetypes of the past and the future. a lugar privileged that looks ancient fossils jewelry decorated with ParaibaAn original stone from Brazil that nature no longer provides.

IMG 1288
Mystical jewelry HABIT / AROA ORTEGA

Nearby, a local brand with Dutch name suggests an almost theatrical experience. The customer who wants to can put on a photocall and take nearly a book with combinations of costumes that you like. Perhaps he was so infatuated looking in the mirror you end up buying a toe boots red or corduroy pants season.

Barcelona is unique delight with such particular elements but also cosmopolitan and does not let international fashions. Trienfa a new phenomenon in some European capitals is the ‘meat taste’ and you can taste in l'Argenteria Street. It involves exposing Huge beef steaks that they delight anyone. Diners choose the cut and eat in a restored tavern. If you fancy something less forceful, right next to the Santa Caterina Mercal, a family charcuterie offers ham dishes as diverse as the Iberian Peninsula allows categories.

At the exit, one realizes how lucky he is to be in Barcelona. A city that brings together businesses worth exploring, in air or with the recommendations of the Barcelona Shopping City. Establishments have been reborn with other anchored in time.

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