Barcelona, ​​shopping with the senses

On 17 November 2017

Shopping in Barcelona, ​​a journey for the senses

The concept stores sell experiences of many countries

Barcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATEBarcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATE

One city, many countries. Beyond buying ephemera, expiration date, Barcelona offers the possibility of moving to other continents, invites a great delicacy and natural gems about exotic enclaves to the Gòtic neighborhood. Succeed the concept stores, shops selling experiences, everlasting memories and personality.

There is a place in Barcelona for every occasion. If a wedding is expected to take what better companion to un hat with name, Obach. Si hace frío, una bufanda de lana natural y sostenible está en venta entre piñas en una estantería de madera restaurada de la calle Banys Vells y si se despierta el apetito, Luis, propietario de la churrería de al lado, tiene chocolate y churros elaborados siguiendo la receta tradicional de sus padres. El año que viene, el negocio celebra su 50º aniversario y apenas ha cambiado. “Estamos en el centro, que es donde hay que estar”, cuenta Gloria Hidalgo, quien conduce el timón de un paseo más que sugerente en la ciudad condal. “La palabra souvenir se ha quedado infravalorada” y muchas tiendas de museos y del centro ofrecen objetos únicos para regalar. Una cantidad de items, textiles and so unique that are only in Barcelona. The shops in the Gòtic, Ribera and Sant Pere are a local discovery that goes unnoticed for citizens, but nevertheless, have characteristics that are not elsewhere.

IMG 4891 2
Atelier Habit / AROA ORTEGA

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand and have been installed in old premises that have reopened the shutters in the s. XXI with an updated twist. Local retaining some old windows but exposing young jewelry designers. A huge under an old floor, now a center housewares inspired by traditional but made with new techniques. The common thread is the Catalan local handicrafts. Castellers glass beads gaudinianos, moneyboxes back skin that simulate classical pig, puppets Sant Jordi pasteboard and multipurpose ceramics. entrenched elements Catalunya and Barcelona, ​​ideal to leave a mark on foreign friends. Objects that tell much more than a simple souvenir why They have a cultural significance draft with the personal stamp of each artisan.

A few meters away, at the foot smell it comes forward and claims the eyes to look at protagonist recognizable off a sweet smell. Yes, the wayfarer reaches a discreet chocolatier serving chocolates from the Belgian Congo with all kinds of ingredients from Asia, such as tea or saffron or Mexico, as the chili.Chocolates with fillings salt or liquor. Mini sculptures next fun lollipops more willing to get tattooed with chocolate love message about love or simply as a welcome gift guests. This chocolatier is a previous stop at Caelum, the sky overflowing meringue pies, Cakes tatín whose blocks so bright as mirrors vintage they look inside the premises. A corner where you can find typical sweets all year round monastery keeping a small room in the basement.

be chocolat barcelona 58 place full
Lollipops de chocolate / BE CHOCOLATE

Monastic sweets to an ancient reliquary that still works since 1919: the Estampería of saints and store retablos, religious medals and all kinds of figures and sacred art. A nearly century-old shop that shares the street with big brands s.XXI which has been joined by another former delicacy of renewed trade. A subsidiary that has managed to welcome guests in a room highborn ladies and no less interesting is the soap shop. Specializing in the care of the body and home. A collection of fragrances that transform every moment. The store offers the opportunity to celebrate the joys with a mixture of orange flower, amber, red berries and almonds resting in glass bottles glamourous. arrived Dead Sea products and algae repulpitan skin. Everything can be pre-tested on a stone fountain that stands in the middle of elegant and full of aromas lounge. For days stress, a bubble bath patchouli, lavender and vanilla, eyes closed and let go but the most evocative place option is the trip to Egypt of the pharaohs. Exists Cleopatra treatment, designed according to the rituals of the Egyptian queen most famous of all time. In this store, highlight details like soap chips packaged in envelopes natural fabric to acclimate the secret corners of the home. Versionada reminiscent of the past.

IMG 1427
Jasmine soap chips / AROA ORTEGA

After this bubble body and olfactory experiences, historical house Vicens is already distributed throughout the city because their nougat live all year. Classic and new trends created by one of the masters confectioners today, Albert Adrià. The genius that adds ralso & roll the nougat with honey, lemon, pumpkin seeds and cheese. If they are delicatessens available all year in the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona.

Sweet to another habitat. It is called HABIT and is a mansion s. XIII transformed into a mystical world that revolves around minerals. The gemologist, Miguel Barbera reveals the beauty of minerals to the level of gemstones. All are unique pieces, except for a small collection that is updated. A palace, gallery and workshop has been born cinematic gems. Barberà is the artist of all jewelry in the film 'Shooting star', Which he recounts one of the most turbulent episodes in the history of Spain with Amadeo of Savoy in front of the crown. The artist's work connects with many archetypes of the past and the future. a lugar privileged that looks ancient fossils jewelry decorated with ParaibaAn original stone from Brazil that nature no longer provides.

IMG 1288
Mystical jewelry HABIT / AROA ORTEGA

Nearby, a local brand with Dutch name suggests an almost theatrical experience. The customer who wants to can put on a photocall and take nearly a book with combinations of costumes that you like. Perhaps he was so infatuated looking in the mirror you end up buying a toe boots red or corduroy pants season.

Barcelona is unique delight with such particular elements but also cosmopolitan and does not let international fashions. Trienfa a new phenomenon in some European capitals is the ‘meat taste’ and you can taste in l'Argenteria Street. It involves exposing Huge beef steaks that they delight anyone. Diners choose the cut and eat in a restored tavern. If you fancy something less forceful, right next to the Santa Caterina Mercal, a family charcuterie offers ham dishes as diverse as the Iberian Peninsula allows categories.

At the exit, one realizes how lucky he is to be in Barcelona. A city that brings together businesses worth exploring, in air or with the recommendations of the Barcelona Shopping City. Establishments have been reborn with other anchored in time.

Falstaff Magazine!! Barcelona with Gloria Hidalgo!!

Dann holt uns Gloria Hidalgo ab und begleitet uns drei Stunden lang durch die luxuriösesten, trendigsten und typisch katalanischen Geschäfte. Die Personal-Shopperin zeigt uns auch, was Barcelona so besonders macht: Schräg gegenüber des Hotels stehen etwa drei Perlen des katalanischen Jugendstils. Eine wurde von dem Star-Architekten Antoni Gaudí entworfen. Und im Nachbarhaus findet sich der Juwelier Bagués, der verspielte Preziosen fertigt. Sammler aus der ganzen Welt kommen hierher, um die filigranen Bijous zu kaufen. Auch Vinçon residiert in einem pompös ausgestatteten Haus und stellt auf mehreren Ebenen Kochutensilien, Leuchten und Möbel aus. Und bei Santa Eulalia, der ältesten Luxusboutique Barcelonas (1843 gegründet) finden sich die Nobelmodemarken.

hanging fabrics as decorative elements for a luxury wedding

Decoration wedding day It is an increasingly important issue for the couple as it helps to create a cozy atmosphere in keeping with the rest of your wedding style and especially help customize the maximum transmitting the taste of the couple and taking into account the space where the wedding takes place.

It is true that we usually look more at the decor at our height and even below, but increasingly we consider highlands such as the roofs of space where it will celebrate the link.

One of the latest trends in wedding decoration fabrics are hanging ceilings, which give an elegant, romantic and distinguished air to the environment. Often serve to acclimate the space, other times to fill it if ceilings are very high, Others to adorn the roofs if they are not very nice ... but the truth is that it is a form of simple decoration but with a touch of sophistication which can completely change the space whether it is where the ceremony takes place, the banquet or even dancing. It is a form of great atmosphere.

They can be used both as embroidered fabrics silk or tulle, And they can be tensioned but are very romantic which do fall. They can also be used with colorsto give a casual and fun touch to the link.

The Luxury Trends hanging fabrics

And if also project LED lights thereon the result can bespectacular, making as wedding elapses space can go changing ambient.

The watch industry commitment to women

Omega. Planet Ocean 600M

Last month was held on International Exhibition Geneva Watchmaking, The prelude to the Oscars of watchmaking, as is the fair Basel, (Switzerland) Baselworld, Where large firms watches the world present their creations and innovations. It is a good time for the watchmaking sector, despite the decline in the number of exports, according to data from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS), By 1.6% compared to 2014, partly due to the slowdown in China. In fact, brands no longer will this year focus on this country. In Spain, there was an increase in imports of Swiss watches 4.5%.

This year, according to industry experts suggest, it will be women, and more feminine pieces are created that male. As for the colors there will be no predominance of tone against the blue last year. In men's watches, the chronograph is king, also triumph useful complications such as dual time zone or calendar. What is the vintage chic watch, Reissues of old or historical piece. Sedna gold predominates (rosa).

So luxury brands celebrate Chinese New Year


On January 8 Chinese New Year began. An event that is celebrated in style with a festival that lasts 15 days. Each year, one of the five elements of Chinese tradition (wood, fire, earth or metal) bind to an animal of your calendar. This 2016 is the Year of the Monkey Fire. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are said to be energetic people, quick-witted, confident and a very cheerful personality.

Many craftsmen are dedicated to creating from watches, jewelry or luxury pens pay homage to Chinese animal year. Here we leave a sample of eight (one of the luckiest numbers of Chinese culture) pieces

The best jewelry in Europe out of Poble Nou

When Marc Monzó (Barcelona, ​​1973) decided 18 years to learn a trade without knowing which one-still, visited the workshops of the Escola Massana in Barcelona. It was when entering the of jewelry when he realized that this was his thing. Le seduced tools and small size, but especially the possibility of working on a very small scale. Then there was much interest in ornament. Later arise awareness jewelry and their functions: decorate the human body, ritualized thoughts, communicate with others, celebrate events, its symbolism.

But at that time he prevailed reconnect with a childhood fascination for collecting small pieces and collect them. The smaller, more valuable. The smaller, bigger. That go into the tiny relates it to the vastness of the universe. The same planet earth as a point in the cosmos, and a reflection of the immensity.

Two decades have passed, their creations are sold in galleries and stores around the world and has just been granted the prize Françoise from of the Bosch 2016 al bestjeweler from Europe, el máximo reconocimiento a la obra y trayectoria de un artista en el campo de la joyería contemporánea europea. Es, además, la primera vez que se falla a favor de un español. Del galardón, a Monzó lo que más le satisface es que ­entre el palmarés de premiados se encuentran nombres como los suizos Otto Künzli y Bernhard Schobinger o el neozelandés Worwick Freeman. Referentes imprescindibles en la joyería más renovadora y libre. Su actitud fresca, crítica, siempre alerta, ha sido su gran fuente de inspiración.

También reciente es su designación como director artístico de Misui. La nueva marca de alta joyería impulsada por la familia Vendrell, propietaria de Unión Suiza, coincidiendo con su 175.º aniversario. Misui ambiciona repensar el concepto de lujo que empareja –además de a una manufactura de excelencia– a lo real y la autenticidad. Las tonalidades de las piedras preciosas empleadas son totalmente naturales. Tal como salen de la tierra. Los colores no se manipulan, como ya es habitual en el sector. “Se trata de mirar las piedras como si fueran frutos del bosque, son únicas. Como encontrar una trufa”, señala. Las tallas se inspiran en la propia mineralización de la piedra. Monzó accedió al cargo siempre y cuando pudiesen trabajar a favor del planeta y no en contra. El oro utilizado no ha sido obtenido con disoluciones de mercurio o cianuro que después contamina ríos. El coral respeta zonas protegidas. En Misui colaboran con los mejores del mundo, como Munsteiner, venerado por su virtuosismo en la talla de diamantes y otras gemas.

Marc Monzó ensalza la joyería de la Barcelona de los años 60 y 70 del siglo XX: Capdevila, Puig Doria, Sunyer. Cuando la joya expresaba la autoría. Rememora la cubertería de Jaume Mercader sólo para comer espárragos trigueros. Piezas de orfebrería pero también expresión de pasiones personales. La nueva marca persigue retomar esa tradición, la relación directa con el oficio, ser independientes y a la vez expresión de nuestro tiempo.

La mayor parte de su trabajo, no obstante, lo realiza en solitario y personalmente en su taller de Poblenou. Donde le absorbe la relación precisa con la materia y la abundante información que proporciona. La realidad química y física del metal incandescente, la fuerza de gravedad de la pieza. Tras la observación y la contemplación, sobreviene la acción. De este análisis surge el contenido de la joya, que a veces representa el propio proceso o reflexiona sobre la naturaleza de la joyería. Le atrae el objeto encontrado y cómo la vida se ritualiza con él. Sus joyas simplifican y a la vez apuntan a lo no convencional e inesperado. La formalización de un broche en un solo plano, incluido el cierre, trastoca lo tridimensional en bidimensional. La pieza perpendicular enciende curiosi­dades. Aunque siempre busca el balance entre la joya que expresa algo y a la vez está libre de dis­cursos.

Como joyero valora las grandes cualidades del oro, que aprendió a trabajar en el taller de Enric Majoral en la isla de Formentera. El mejor entre los metales, por su ductilidad, inmune a la oxidación. Pero también es capaz de recubrirlo con una capa de pintura de spray dorada. “Es liberador pintar el oro”, aduce tranquilo. Contempla todos los materiales al mismo nivel: oro, plata, plástico. Austeridad y libertad para él van de la mano y representan el máximo lujo posible. Marc Monzó disfruta con esa tradición cultural catalana reservada, pero de vanguardia, que practicaba el reduccionismo, con una voluntad de contención y síntesis. Es un gran admirador de la arquitectura de Sert y la pintura de Miró. O de la música de Mompou, “hombre de pocas palabras y músico de pocas notas”, recuerda.

El Born, a bohemian, dynamic and multicultural place

Traders were Born Square, in the sixteenth century, the envy of Spain. It took place renowned activities at European level, such as Carnival or fairs glass and silverware. The streets were taken over by the most cosmopolitan shops Peninsula. Sweet shops, drug stores, jewelers ..., proximity to the sea made were the first to receive the most coveted and goods from around the world.

At that time, the Born was already a different neighborhood, dynamic, modern and multicultural neighborhood. Today, after a small period of decline, it claimed more than ever as the nerve and commercial hub of the city, heir to its modern but always true to its artisan tradition trend.

Located between Via Laietana, Arc de Triomphe and Barceloneta, the Born has in the St. Mary's Basilica from sea its epicenter. This church, built in the late fourteenth century, is a real example of Catalan Gothic. Around it many terraces, bars and restaurants that make the temple a must in all Barcelona meeting spread.

This place is ideal to start any walking route around the neighborhood. Its streets, regardless of the time of year, always brimming with atmosphere. Fashion boutiques, vintage items, art galleries, traditional or exotic restaurants, taverns original, exclusive pubs or quiet cafes. Born in supply it is inexhaustible and so we want to show young entrepreneurs who increasingly are favoring this area to develop their business.

The Montcada It is undoubtedly one of the unmissable sites on any visit to Barcelona. In his day was chosen by the nobles and Catalan bourgeois to build their homes and today it is the street with more palaces per square meter. Aguilar Palacio, Cervello, of Dalmases, the Mecca or the Baró de Castellet stand out within this tour of the Catalan Middle Ages.

In the last of these palaces is the Picasso museumWhich attracts every day hundreds of tourists. This gallery, opened in 1963, boasts more than 4,000 works of the step of forming the Malaga-born artist and his relationship with Barcelona.

In addition to this museum, the Born welcomes other art centers such as the European Museum of Modern Art, or Montcada Maeght Gallery, the Barbier-Mueller or the Design Hub Barcelona.

Following the cultural, the Palau de la Música is a real gem of Catalan modernist architecture. It was built in the early twentieth century by the architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner host the Orfeo Catala.

This building highlights both its facade, with incredible mosaics, as its interior, with huge and impressive main room decorated with floral motifs, busts of musicians, sculptures of muses and presided over by the central skylight. Attending a concert here is a privilege.

However, not everything is art in Born. In fact, it is a major focus of leisure Barcelona for its many bars, cafes, restaurants or pubs. He Born Market, Also houses the archaeological treasure of the War of Succession (1714), it has a good variety of restaurants, as the brewery 300 Born, perfect for taking a good vermouth. Now if he wants to try the cava, we recommend that you return to the street and go to Xampanyet Montcada, one of the most popular and authentic Born bars.

Las tiendas de moda son el tercer gran pilar de este barrio, junto con el arte y la restauración. En esta zona tan fácil es comprar en las grandes y más exclusivas marcas como en las pequeñas tiendas de diseñadores locales o extranjeros. Estos últimos conservan el espíritu artesano original del Born, en búsqueda continua de lo vanguardista.

Además de establecimientos textiles, se esconden en esta zona comercios de antigüedades, peluquerías de lo más modernas, heladerías artesanales, creperías, joyerías o teatros. Que lo nuevo se mezcle con lo viejo no es un tópico si hablamos del Born. Aquí las últimas tendencias salen a flote sin olvidar en ningún momento el modo de hacer de toda la vida. El resultado: el barrio más de moda de Barcelona

Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourism

Two out of three people performing work trips they organize so that they can make some tourism destinationAdding at least one day of leisure stay. In this growing trend he has begun calling Lead sure, A term that comes from the contraction of business Yleisure (Business and leisure in English). Likewise, urban tourism has grown 60% worldwide in the last five years, well above breaks in search of sun and sand.

This is one of the conclusions of a report by the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige products, IE Business School, in collaboration with MasterCard. The study, which was presented yesterday, is based on 1,500 interviews conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Latin America and Spain. There is extensive research that has received the opinions of a panel of experts from the hotel, gastronomic, cultural industry, high-end products and media in the travel industry, among others.

The document also stresses that, due to time constraints and motivations to visit the city, such as guided tours, time preferences tourism They vary. For instance,shopping is very popular among tourists Lead sureBeing those made popular in the city that taking place at the airport or in stores duty-free.

  • Barcelona and Madrid

He urban tourism High range is a great opportunity for the two main cities of Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. "The report High-Value City Tourism reveals the changes that are occurring in urban high-end tourists, their preferences and how to Spain, growth of urban tourism represents a great opportunity, "said Maria Eugenia Giron says, director of the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige Products IE during the presentation of the study.

Shopping, sports, culture and entertainment are key for visitors to the city of Madrid. In the case of Barcelona emphasizes its natural setting and appeal of its various tourist spots and nightlife and excursions, as the report said. Both cities have a good image and what is called wow-factor (Attributes and qualities that lead the visitor pleasantly surprised). Although in this sense Barcelona wins clearly: it is the fourth most attractive city in Europe, behind Rome, Paris and London.

Jewels are no longer for special moments

Spanish fine jewelry wing has had no other to reinvent itself. Many changes in the wake of the economic crisis, but also social, are those who have been jewelers have to modify its strategic plan, besides the approach of its stores. "Fewer and fewer are buying jewelry for gifts and more, especially women, to oneself," explains Carlos Delso, CEO Suarez, Family jewelry founded in 1943. This is one of the reasons that more and more women consumers of jewelry for the pleasure of wearing a valuable accessory. "We had to change before in stores not you saw exposed the product, it was something that made sense because it gave or was an investment, and buying the made mostly men, but women have lost their fear to buy luxury" adds the executive.

They need to see what they buy, and more if they are jewels, "like that the product will be on view when in a jewelry store, and not accustomed to sit, so we had to change the windows," adds Delso, which yesterday participated in a breakfast briefing on the expertise of the Spanish jewelers, organized in Hotel Ritz Madrid by Circulo Fortuny, The winemaker association president Carlos Falco, and born in 2011, in order to provide a forum for the artisans of Spanish brands and luxury.

Also in All, la firma española que ha democratizado el acceso a las joyas, debido a una política de precios más comedidos y que cuenta con 500 tiendas en 50 países de los cinco continentes, han tenido que modificar el planteamiento de sus locales, con el fin de atender al nuevo perfil de cliente. “Hemos sido la opción más fácil para los hombres, pero desde 2011 estamos viendo un cambio en la manera de comportarse del consumidor”, explica Rosa Tous, vicepresidenta corporativa de Rosa Oriol Atelier Tous, un nuevo concepto de piezas más de lujo. “Hemos pasado de exponer un 10%del producto a mostrar un 70%, ya que el cliente quiere probar, ver, tocar”.

Internationalization is one of the great changes that are jewelers. One of the pioneers was to go outside Carrera y Carrera which it was launched to sell off Spain in the seventies, and now has 500 outlets in four continents and will end the year with 12 boutiques. "40% of sales is due to exports, and 25% of sales in Spain we do we do to foreign customers," said Javier Gala, vice president and CFO.

Among many other points.

The international talent resident in Barcelona welcomes their quality of life but the city suspends taxation and English



There are attributes to be a "Global City"But there are still obstacles to foreign talent nest in Barcelona and develop an important economic activity that reflects in the city. This was highlighted last report and nonprofit private entity Barcelona Global, Which promotes attraction international talent in the Catalan capital and creating new opportunities. After analyzing the responses 700 professionalsinstalled in the city (from executives to liberal professions) to an extensive survey on the services and opportunities offered conclude that the weaknesses are high taxation, English (almost nonexistent in red tape municipal and city information) and access to finance. At the other end of the scale, the blunt Lifestyle, he climate and thegastronomyAmong many other points.

BUENOS "ambassadors"

BUENOS "ambassadors"

For Marian Puig, presidente del lobi empresarial que cuenta ya con 550 socios, “los profesionales extranjeros que viven en Barcelona son los mejores embajadores de la ciudad”, por lo que su opinión es decisiva como futuros prescriptores. En este sentido, destaca que Barcelona todavía debe echar más carne al asador en materia de acogida a este perfil a su llegada. Ni encuentran una ventanilla única para sus trámites al fijar la residencia, ni facilidades con el inglés (aunque para muchos no sea su lengua madre) como idioma vehicular, ni una actitud muy abierta entre los barceloneses, mantiene. En este sentido, ya han organizado una cita anual de bienvenida y cenas regulares para facilitar la integración.

However, scores of 0-7 make clear that from 2013 (when the previous study was done) valuations have changed little. There are good marks for international connectivity de Barcelona con el resto del mundo (un 7), para la calidad de vida (5,9), la de las escuelas internacionales (5,5), los espacios públicos (5,4), la ciudad en global (5,2)… y mejor aún en aspectos más hedonistas como la gastronomía (6,2) o el clima, que ven casi perfectos. Sin embargo, la facilidad para gestionar un negocio se queda en el 4,4, para invertir en el 3,8, para gestionar licencias en el 3,4 y, peor aún, baja al 2,8 en materia de impuestos y al 2,3 en la valoración del nivel de inglés de los funcionarios públicos.

Diplomatically, Puig is optimistic about the new City Council. "The administration has an important role to play and hopefully a collaborative dialogue role," he said. We demand ambitious goals: a more competitive tax system, a program Shower talent, raising the English to the status of official language and more adapted to the level of requiring international English school system and who have no access to international schools for their high cost.