Barcelona, de compras con los sentidos


De compras por Barcelona, un viaje para los sentidos

Las concept stores venden experiencias de muchos países

Barcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATEBarcelona shopping tour / OBACH Y BE CHOCOLATE

Una ciudad, muchos países. Más allá de comprar cosas efímeras, con fecha de caducidad, Barcelona ofrece la posibilidad de trasladarse a otros continentes, invita a un buen manjar y acerca gemas naturales de enclaves exóticos hasta el barrio Gòtic. Triunfan las concept stores, tiendas que venden experiencias, recuerdos eternos y con mucha personalidad.

Existe un lugar en Barcelona para cada ocasión. Si se prevé una boda, qué mejor que llevar de acompañante a un sombrero con apellido, Obach. Si hace frío, una bufanda de lana natural y sostenible está en venta entre piñas en una estantería de madera restaurada de la calle Banys Vells y si se despierta el apetito, Luis, propietario de la churrería de al lado, tiene chocolate y churros elaborados siguiendo la receta tradicional de sus padres. El año que viene, el negocio celebra su 50º aniversario y apenas ha cambiado. “Estamos en el centro, que es donde hay que estar”, cuenta Gloria Hidalgo, quien conduce el timón de un paseo más que sugerente en la ciudad condal. “La palabra souvenir se ha quedado infravalorada” y muchas tiendas de museos y del centro ofrecen objetos únicos para regalar. Una cantidad de elementos, textiles y productos tan singulares que solo están en Barcelona. Los comercios del Gòtic, Sant Pere y la Ribera son un descubrimiento local que pasa desapercibido para los ciudadanos, pero que sin embargo, tienen unas características que no están en otras partes.

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Atelier de Hàbit / AROA ORTEGA

Tradición y modernidad van de la mano y se han instalado en locales antiguos que han vuelto a abrir las persianas en el s. XXI con un toque actualizado. Locales que conservan algunas vitrinas de antaño pero que exponen joyas de jóvenes diseñadores actuales. Un bajo enorme de un piso antiguo, ahora es un centro de utensilios domésticos inspirados en lo tradicional pero hechos con nuevas técnicas. El hilo conductor del local es la artesanía catalana. Castellers de vidrio, abalorios gaudinianos, huchas de piel vuelta que simulan el clásico cerdito, títeres de Sant Jordi de cartón piedra y objetos multiusos de cerámica. Elementos muy arraigados a Catalunya y a Barcelona, ideales para dejar huella en los amigos foráneos. Objetos que dicen mucho más que un simple souvenir why tienen un significado de calado cultural con el sello personal de cada artesano.

A pocos metros, el olfato se adelanta a los pies y reclama a los ojos que miren al protagonista que desprende un dulce olor reconocible. Sí, el viandante llega a una discreta chocolatería que sirve bombones de chocolate del Congo belga con todo tipo de ingredientes procedentes de Asia, como el té o el azafrán o de México, como el chili.Chocolates with fillings salt or liquor. Mini sculptures next fun lollipops more willing to get tattooed with chocolate love message about love or simply as a welcome gift guests. This chocolatier is a previous stop at Caelum, the sky overflowing meringue pies, Cakes tatín whose blocks so bright as mirrors vintage they look inside the premises. A corner where you can find typical sweets all year round monastery keeping a small room in the basement.

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Lollipops de chocolate / BE CHOCOLATE

De dulces monásticos a un antiguo relicario que sigue funcionando desde el año 1919: la estampería de santos y tienda de retablos, medallas religiosas y todo tipo de figuras y arte sacro. Una tienda casi centenaria que comparte calle con grandes marcas del s.XXI a la que se le ha unido la delicadeza de otro antiguo oficio renovado. Una filial que ha logrado acoger a los clientes en un salón de damas de alta alcurnia y no menos interesante es la tienda del jabón. Especializada en el cuidado del cuerpo y del hogar. Una colección de fragancias que transforman cada momento. La tienda ofrece la posibilidad de celebrar las alegrías con una mezcla de orange flower, amber, red berries and almonds resting in glass bottles glamourous. arrived Dead Sea products and algae repulpitan skin. Everything can be pre-tested on a stone fountain that stands in the middle of elegant and full of aromas lounge. For days stress, a bubble bath patchouli, lavender and vanilla, eyes closed and let go but the most evocative place option is the trip to Egypt of the pharaohs. Exists Cleopatra treatment, designed according to the rituals of the Egyptian queen most famous of all time. In this store, highlight details like soap chips packaged in envelopes natural fabric to acclimate the secret corners of the home. Versionada reminiscent of the past.

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Jasmine soap chips / AROA ORTEGA

After this bubble body and olfactory experiences, historical house Vicens is already distributed throughout the city because their nougat live all year. Classic and new trends created by one of the masters confectioners today, Albert Adrià. The genius that adds ralso & roll the nougat with honey, lemon, pumpkin seeds and cheese. If they are delicatessens available all year in the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona.

Sweet to another habitat. It is called HABIT and is a mansion s. XIII transformed into a mystical world that revolves around minerals. The gemologist, Miguel Barbera reveals the beauty of minerals to the level of gemstones. All are unique pieces, except for a small collection that is updated. A palace, gallery and workshop has been born cinematic gems. Barberà is the artist of all jewelry in the film 'Shooting star', Which he recounts one of the most turbulent episodes in the history of Spain with Amadeo of Savoy in front of the crown. The artist's work connects with many archetypes of the past and the future. a lugar privileged that looks ancient fossils jewelry decorated with ParaibaAn original stone from Brazil that nature no longer provides.

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Mystical jewelry HABIT / AROA ORTEGA

Nearby, a local brand with Dutch name suggests an almost theatrical experience. The customer who wants to can put on a photocall and take nearly a book with combinations of costumes that you like. Perhaps he was so infatuated looking in the mirror you end up buying a toe boots red or corduroy pants season.

Barcelona is unique delight with such particular elements but also cosmopolitan and does not let international fashions. Trienfa a new phenomenon in some European capitals is the ‘meat taste’ and you can taste in l'Argenteria Street. It involves exposing Huge beef steaks that they delight anyone. Diners choose the cut and eat in a restored tavern. If you fancy something less forceful, right next to the Santa Caterina Mercal, a family charcuterie offers ham dishes as diverse as the Iberian Peninsula allows categories.

At the exit, one realizes how lucky he is to be in Barcelona. A city that brings together businesses worth exploring, in air or with the recommendations of the Barcelona Shopping City. Establishments have been reborn with other anchored in time.

Falstaff Magazine!! Barcelona with Gloria Hidalgo!!

Dann holt uns Gloria Hidalgo ab und begleitet uns drei Stunden lang durch die luxuriösesten, trendigsten und typisch katalanischen Geschäfte. Die Personal-Shopperin zeigt uns auch, was Barcelona so besonders macht: Schräg gegenüber des Hotels stehen etwa drei Perlen des katalanischen Jugendstils. Eine wurde von dem Star-Architekten Antoni Gaudí entworfen. Und im Nachbarhaus findet sich der Juwelier Bagués, der verspielte Preziosen fertigt. Sammler aus der ganzen Welt kommen hierher, um die filigranen Bijous zu kaufen. Auch Vinçon residiert in einem pompös ausgestatteten Haus und stellt auf mehreren Ebenen Kochutensilien, Leuchten und Möbel aus. Und bei Santa Eulalia, der ältesten Luxusboutique Barcelonas (1843 gegründet) finden sich die Nobelmodemarken.

Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourism

The sun and beach packages lose strength. . Increased travel that mix work and leisure

Two out of three elongate business to enjoy the destination

MADRID 12-11-2015

Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourismTwo out of three people performing work trips they organize so that they can make some tourism destinationAdding at least one day of leisure stay. In this growing trend he has begun calling Lead sure, A term that comes from the contraction of business Yleisure (Business and leisure in English). Likewise, urban tourism has grown 60% worldwide in the last five years, well above breaks in search of sun and sand.

This is one of the conclusions of a report by the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige products, IE Business School, in collaboration with MasterCard. The study, which was presented yesterday, is based on 1,500 interviews conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Latin America and Spain. There is extensive research that has received the opinions of a panel of experts from the hotel, gastronomic, cultural industry, high-end products and media in the travel industry, among others.

The document also stresses that, due to time constraints and motivations to visit the city, such as guided tours, time preferences tourism They vary. For instance,shopping is very popular among tourists Lead sureBeing those made popular in the city that taking place at the airport or in stores duty-free.

Barcelona and Madrid

He urban tourism High range is a great opportunity for the two main cities of Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. "The report High-Value City Tourism reveals the changes that are occurring in urban high-end tourists, their preferences and how to Spain, growth of urban tourism represents a great opportunity, "said Maria Eugenia Giron says, director of the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige Products IE during the presentation of the study.

Shopping, sports, culture and entertainment are key for visitors to the city of Madrid. In the case of Barcelona emphasizes its natural setting and appeal of its various tourist spots and nightlife and excursions, as the report said. Both cities have a good image and what is called wow-factor (Attributes and qualities that lead the visitor pleasantly surprised). Although in this sense Barcelona wins clearly: it is the fourth most attractive city in Europe, behind Rome, Paris and London.

The luxury sector saves the crisis in Spain

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The luxury sector saves the crisis in Spain

Ni siquiera la crisis ha podido con la buena salud del sector del lujo en España. En 2015, esta actividad prevé aumentar su facturación hasta alcanzar los 5.700 millones de euros, lo que significaría un crecimiento del 4,8 % respecto a 2014. Las exportaciones (que sirvieron como ‘salvavidas’ durante la recesión para muchas empresas) unidas a una recuperación del mercado nacional hacen que este negocio siga arrojando cifras envidiables. Estas son las claves que explican el crecimiento de este sector en España, según el ‘ Resumen ejecutivo del sector del lujo en España 2015’ que publica Luxury Spain (Asociación de Lujo en España):
Spain is a European reference level in this market, being the fifth country in the European Union to lead sales behind France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. "Increasingly, the Spanish firms abroad are valued for their quality, innovation and tradition," said the executive report.
The foreign market is still decisive. Although the data indicate a recovery of the Spanish market, 51.5 percent of the business of Spanish companies still in sales abroad, also will rise again 4 percent.
The threat of a crisis in China and the depreciation of the Russian ruble will make purchases of tourists in our country fall to 5 percent, but still a good 'share of the cake' accumulated 23.5 percent of all billing sector. However, Spain continues to attract new customers in traditional and more stable markets like the United States, Mexico, Italy, Germany and Colombia, while exploring other as India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.
This consumer profile is that of a person between 35 and 54 years (56 percent of cases). 39 percent of them earn between 100,000 and 300,000 euros per year, while 35 percent have an income of between 60,000 and 100.00 euros. Luxury knows no gender. Its clients 52.6 percent are men and 47.4 percent are women
There is a recovery of the Spanish domestic market. If the barometer developed by Vente-privee already pointed to a state of optimism among entrepreneurs Spanish fashion, the luxury sector follows the same path as Luxury Spain. Nationally and expectations of a sluggish economic recovery, sales in the Spanish market will increase by 1 percent, accounting for 25 percent of the business.
Barcelona remains the 'favorite' city of wealthier consumers, accounting for 32 percent of sales. Marbella (another luxury capitals) accounts for 27.5 percent of the business. Madrid (16%), Ibiza (8.5%) and Mallorca (6%) are the areas siguentes preferidad to buy. .
The fashion and accessories continue to lead in this sector, among them jewelry and leather goods.