Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourism

The sun and beach packages lose strength. . Increased travel that mix work and leisure

Two out of three elongate business to enjoy the destination

MADRID 12-11-2015

Comes the 'bleisure', a new form of tourismTwo out of three people performing work trips they organize so that they can make some tourism destinationAdding at least one day of leisure stay. In this growing trend he has begun calling Lead sure, A term that comes from the contraction of business Yleisure (Business and leisure in English). Likewise, urban tourism has grown 60% worldwide in the last five years, well above breaks in search of sun and sand.

This is one of the conclusions of a report by the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige products, IE Business School, in collaboration with MasterCard. The study, which was presented yesterday, is based on 1,500 interviews conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Latin America and Spain. There is extensive research that has received the opinions of a panel of experts from the hotel, gastronomic, cultural industry, high-end products and media in the travel industry, among others.

The document also stresses that, due to time constraints and motivations to visit the city, such as guided tours, time preferences tourism They vary. For instance,shopping is very popular among tourists Lead sureBeing those made popular in the city that taking place at the airport or in stores duty-free.

Barcelona and Madrid

He urban tourism High range is a great opportunity for the two main cities of Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. "The report High-Value City Tourism reveals the changes that are occurring in urban high-end tourists, their preferences and how to Spain, growth of urban tourism represents a great opportunity, "said Maria Eugenia Giron says, director of the Observatory Market Premium and Prestige Products IE during the presentation of the study.

Shopping, sports, culture and entertainment are key for visitors to the city of Madrid. In the case of Barcelona emphasizes its natural setting and appeal of its various tourist spots and nightlife and excursions, as the report said. Both cities have a good image and what is called wow-factor (Attributes and qualities that lead the visitor pleasantly surprised). Although in this sense Barcelona wins clearly: it is the fourth most attractive city in Europe, behind Rome, Paris and London.

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