The most traded market bags

Chanel, Hermes Y Louis Vuitton are the three bags firms trading higher. They are the most are revalued at the flea market. It is the latest trend coming to Spain from the hand of the British company Designer Exchange, Dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of luxury goods. "In Spain, another brand is valuable LoeweAs it is in England MulberryAlthough each market has its reference signatures, "he explains Dominic Durante, Founder of the company, who says that regardless of local preferences unbeatable three brands in the luxury sector, such as "Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes, which are the most desirable."

For the purpose of Designer Exchange is to satisfy the needs in the luxury sector, as is the output of object-renowned firms, either through sale or exchange. For this purpose were installed in the Salamanca district of Madrid, after testing the business model in London, Birmingham and Manchester, with billing 2.8 million euros"To buy, sell and exchange premium items with full warranty," he says During.

In the stock of the first store in Spain there more than 400 pieces between bags, wallets and belts of over 30 brands with prices ranging between 25 and the 15.000 eurosAs may be the case of a Hermes Birkin bag last year (unused), including, in addition to the above, are Prada, Celine, Christian Dior, Armani ...

The business model is simple, says Dominic Durante, one of the founders, along with his partner Angela Seebue: the customer carry bag, belt or purse you want to sell to the store for the professions Designer exchance authenticate the product. During 48 hours retain the piece for analysis.

Original sales price in store, make, model, age and condition, among others: After verifying your signature, based on factors fixed price. "What we want is that the prices are as competitive as possible, we also pay cash, unlike what other stores in the secondary market, offering the seller a deposit as a signal until the item is sold," adds the founder.

Once this assessment, the customer receives a percentage of the appraisal, which is usually 50%, in cashAlthough brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes, is offering 20% ​​more than the value set by if they want to exchange it for another item of the set in the store.

Designer Exchange stems from the company Cex (Computer Exchange), A multinational with over 20 years of experience in buying and selling electronic items.

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