hanging fabrics as decorative elements for a luxury wedding

Decoration wedding day It is an increasingly important issue for the couple as it helps to create a cozy atmosphere in keeping with the rest of your wedding style and especially help customize the maximum transmitting the taste of the couple and taking into account the space where the wedding takes place.

It is true that we usually look more at the decor at our height and even below, but increasingly we consider highlands such as the roofs of space where it will celebrate the link.

One of the latest trends in wedding decoration fabrics are hanging ceilings, which give an elegant, romantic and distinguished air to the environment. Often serve to acclimate the space, other times to fill it if ceilings are very high, Others to adorn the roofs if they are not very nice ... but the truth is that it is a form of simple decoration but with a touch of sophistication which can completely change the space whether it is where the ceremony takes place, the banquet or even dancing. It is a form of great atmosphere.

They can be used both as embroidered fabrics silk or tulle, And they can be tensioned but are very romantic which do fall. They can also be used with colorsto give a casual and fun touch to the link.

The Luxury Trends hanging fabrics

And if also project LED lights thereon the result can bespectacular, making as wedding elapses space can go changing ambient.

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